Thursday, October 4, 2012

more bleeding @ 11 weeks


Another bleeding episode (11 weeks and 4 days), which means I went to see Dr. H today. Baby looks fabulous, and is one ACTIVE lil bean!! Like whoa active, makes me nervous! LOL I guess when you are a fighter ya gotta do karate in the womb! (according to my son anyways!) Hematoma is even smaller than last week praise the lord! Dr. H says I don't need to come in when I bleed now unless it's a major bleed or major cramping. Wahoo. Also still discontinuing the progesterone, he says after 11/12 weeks it doesn't really benefit the bleeding. There are mixed opinions on that, but I would actually rather be off it anyways. Baby's heartbeat was great. Nausea and puking is still present and kicking my butt. That's about it. Next appt is sept 11th.

(After this visit I announced on fb that I was preggo. I was feeling very positive that the hematoma was disappearing, the baby was well and very active which Dr. H assured me was a very reassuring sign. Everyone was full of congrats and very happy for us. I left out that I have complications, it is just too personal and too hard to explain in a short sentence everything that is occurring. I came to terms with the fact that if this baby doesn’t make it, then I will be ok. That I can tell people to please not to tell me they’re sorry and what not if that is what I am feeling. There was a song that one of the ladies posted on my support board that a Christian father wrote for his son who was born with a genetic heart disorder called hypoplastic left heart. The song is about how he will give his everything and all his love to his son no matter what the Dr’s said. The song really says everything I have been feeling. The song is called “all of me” by Matt Hammitt and here is the link for youtube: )

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