Thursday, October 4, 2012

15-16 week musings


(15 weeks and 2 days)I have decided to go back on the Zofran here and there if not every day. The nausea and vomiting is just too intolerable. I’m hoping if I can try to not take it every day I will not get as constipated as last time. I have been very depressed this past week and I know a lot of it stems from the poor quality of life I’m currently experiencing being stuck in bed and puking all the time. Also I’m going to have to be more active at least the next two weeks because my husband is working days again which means I will have to drop my son off for school every morning and pick him up from the bus stop (which is a couple blocks to walk to), make dinner, and bring my son to soccer practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. Before my dear hubby was doing literally everything, I haven’t been cooking, cleaning or doing anything except bringing my son to school in the mornings and doing anything I can when I’m not nauseous or bleeding. I am hoping that this isn’t going to be too much activity and will cause another bleed (even though I’m still spotting). I am going to have to remind myself to rest during the day, but it’s difficult because all I want to do is break the chains of being confined to bed.




16 weeks and 5 days
It’s been 3 weeks since my big bleed. I’m still spotting which is just annoying, but I’m feeling really good! The nausea and vomiting has finally subsided! Thank the lord! I usually get sick once or twice a day, usually in the morning and not every day. I've been taking the zofran only every once in awhile and my digestion has seemed to normalize besides being hungry a lot and craving pickles so much I have resorted to drinking the pickle juice. Such a relief to not be as sick! I have been being relatively active, although I am still taking it easy and spend a few hours in bed in the mornings after taking my son to school and doing some chores. I am just feeling so good I wanted to jot it down and remember it! I have started to feel small baby movements, which is exciting. I thought I had been feeling them, but it’s hard to differentiate between baby and my crazy digestive system! Now I'm sure it's baby. My belly is getting bigger too and there are only 2 pairs of normal pants I can wear now, shirts are getting too short, let’s not even talk about bras! I’ve added almost 2 inches to both my belly and my bust! I don’t think I look pregnant to strangers or people who don’t know though. I of course feel huge. I think I’ve finally gained some lbs back, but we don’t have a scale so I will have to wait until Tuesday for my appointment. I’m hoping Dr. H will do an ultrasound to check for the hematoma since I have still been spotting, but I don’t think he will. Five more days till my appointment.

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