Thursday, October 4, 2012

10 weeks


Today's appt went really well! I am 10 weeks and a couple days. Hematoma is almost gone! There is a small portion near the top, but it is grey which means it is in the healing process. Baby measured right on target and nucal test came back normal. Dr. H said the heartbeat was fast, strong and perfect, he said everything looked perfect. He was very happy the hematoma was nearly gone. The baby was moving like crazy, arms, legs and head were going every which way, popping like popcorn in there! My son thought it was funny and the baby looked like it was doing karate. (heaven help me!) Dr. H said to take the progesterone for only one more week and then stop it. I'm hoping that will help decrease my nausea and vomiting! I'm taking the zofran twice a day and still puking most days. Dr. H said there really isn't anything else I can do for the nausea, but hopefully it will decrease in the next few weeks as I get to the third month. I also seem to not poop anymore and am having to take the milk of mag every 5-6 days in order to go # 2. Constipation is very painful by the way if you have never experienced it! Next appt isn't for three weeks.


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