Friday, October 26, 2012

19 weeks and 6 days

So I realized I never updated from my last appt (17 week appt)! oops! The appt was quick and everything was great. The Dr. checked my cervix and it was closed, fundus was where it should be and the heartbeat sounded great on doppler. I was hoping for an ultrasound because I had spotted/bled for so long after the last big bleed at nearly 14 weeks. It had stopped of course the day before the appt. We are still doing the magnesium supplements.

Next appt is in 1 week, it should have been this week but their office was closed all week. I will get an ultrasound at this appt, it is one of the bigger ultrasounds because they do an antaomy scan so it will be so nice to get a good long look at baby and confirm if it's a boy!! :) Sadly my husband can't go with me to the appt due to work, he has to go out of town :( I was hoping to record the ultrasound again for all my family in the states, but oh well! My mom tried to convince me to take my husband's giant tripod with me to the Dr's office! She's crazy (in a good way).

I can't believe that tomorrow I will be at the halfway mark! One of my many milestones that I never thought I would reach! Sometimes it is so sureal looking back and remembering how hopeless I felt sometimes that this pregnancy would ever truly make it. I feel much much better about the hematoma itself now, but my fears now stem from the fear of going into labor early. I already had higher than normal risk of going into labor early because of going into labor with my son at 32 weeks, even though they stopped it. Now that I have had the hematoma that increases my risks as well. I try not to worry because it's not healthy for me or the baby, but  I know the risks and the complications. My next milestone is 24 weeks which is considered "viability". It's the point at which Dr's will try to stop labor and if the baby is born early it will still have a chance of survival. I thank God every day for another day to love this little one and can't wait until the day I hold the baby in my arms, healthy and happy!

 a little video of the crazy little one rolling and kicking in my belly!

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