Monday, January 14, 2013

31 weeks

31 weeks

Happy New Year! We had another great appt today! I am 30 weeks and 5 days today, less than 10 weeks to go! I can't believe it. We had an ultrasound, and yes it is still a boy!! We don't have a name picked out, but both my husband and I have made a list and we are trying to compromise, also I want to see what this little guy looks like before we totally settle on a name.
We had an ultrasound today and he is measuring right on target and is estimated to be 3lbs 12oz. He had a round little tummy and short legs :) (his tummy measures 31-32 weeks and his femur 29 weeks). My Dr commented on the fact that he is right on my bladder, which I am very aware of! We did not get any pictures this time because the baby is so big that it is hard to get a good shot and with him being head down he kept turning his face away from the wand.
We also did another NST (non-stress test, which monitors for contractions and the baby's well being) and it came out excellent again. The Dr. said he is a very active boy, which we already know!
My cervix is still closed, but the Dr said that the baby is low, which confirms what I have been feeling (pressure in my pelvis). I think this is why I have been having a lot of hip pain this go round.
All in all I am feeling good, I have had some return of my morning sickness-just feeling nauseous a bit in the mornings. I have also been having some insomnia, which it totally abnormal for me, so I have been very tired. I also seem to be starting the "nesting" phase, which is kinda new to me because I was on bedrest with my first at this point. Trying to balance resting and getting things done that I want is a challenge. I got a little worried the other night because I had contraction severy 5 mins or so for about an hour and a half. I made sure to lay down and rest and they slowly went away thank goodness! That's about all that is going on!
Next appt is in 3 weeks, jan 31st.
(I really need to figure out a way to get pics and videos up here, I will have to take the time to upload to youtube or something...)

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