Monday, January 14, 2013

29 weeks

29 weeks

(still catching up on my backlogged entries)
Well we had a good Christmas and survived my son's 9 day stomach bug, only for my husband to come down with it on Christmas morning! :( My poor boys!
In the preggo news, I am still feeling good and everything seems to be coming along well. It amazes me how different this pregnancy is from my first. I didn't realize how easy of a pregnancy my first was! This time around I have every pregnancy ailment they speak of in the books! The hardest to deal with has been the hip and back pain. I have been trying to sleep with a body pillow at night and the days that are more painful wear a belly support band, but neither make it go all the way away!
My 29 week check up went really well. They started doing the NST's (non-stress test, the baby's heartrate and contractions are monitored. It's used as an indicator of baby's well being and to detect pre-term labor, which we know I am at increased risk of developing). The NST was excellent and I only had one contraction. I have been having a lot of Braxton Hick's and some are them are a little painful. The baby was what they call reactive, meaning he had normal accelerations and decelerations of heartrate. He was very active and kept moving around, even my Dr. commented on how active he was! My Dr. also did a digital cervical check (a pelvic exam) and my cervix is nice and closed, and the baby is head down already. He also did a vaginal sonogram to measure the length of my cervix, which was also good, still long thank the Lord! The rest of my bloodwork came back and was all good, even my iron (yay!). So we are just plugging along and the hematoma seems to be gone, gone, gone! Thank the Lord. I am struck by these moments where the beginning of my pregnancy just seems like a bad dream. I am so thankful that everything has worked out so well, and pray for the women that it doesn't work out well for. I can only hope that my story helps someone else who is going through something similar!

(Still no pictures or video this time)

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