Monday, January 14, 2013

25 weeks

1With the holidays and craziness I was bad and didn't make any posts, so here is a little catch up!

  I had my 25 week appt and things are looking very good. I had to do a glucose tolerance test that screens for gestational diabetes. I had to drink a ton of the not the greatest drink after having fasted for 10 hours and then have my blood drawn. I will hear if I passed it in about 4 or 5 days. (it ended up coming back normal) I seem to be finally catching up in the weight department and have gained about 15 lbs if you count all the weight I lost and then gained back. Because of me being high risk for pre term labor (from going into labor with my first pregnancy at 32 weeks and having it stopped, plus having had the hematoma in the begining of this pregnancy) my Dr was very thorough and checked my cervix both digitally and by sonogram. It is nice and long and closed still which is fabulous because I have been having quite a few braxton hicks contractions, some of which are painful. The baby is head down already, at least for the moment. He is very very active!!! My stomach looks alienish from all his movements. All in all there is much else to talk about, I'm just getting bigger!

  For some reason I'm not able to put a picture of video in like I usually do, but I will continue to try!

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